Keith Rainz's Academy


Depending on one source of income is very risky and a bad idea. I have reached this level and continue to survive because I am not just sticking to one thing. I do a lot of stuff as long as it is online based and enables me to make money from home. By doing a lot of stuff, you do not only make more money, but also helps you not to become broke incase the method fails because you can try the other methods that can generate money for you.

A lot of you have been asking me on how I live as if am rich and wanting to be like me. Well, this is why I have come up with this new pricing type which gives you access to my premium content at a very low price. This way, you will be able to learn everything that I do and do it too.

Pricing plans available at Keith Rainz’s academy

  1. Single course or service
  2. All courses or services

1. Single course

If you are not interested in having access to everything, then this pricing plan is for you. You only pay once and have life-time permanent access to the course.

2. All courses

If you want to be like me and want to learn everything so that you can try everything and see which one works for you, then this method is for you. You pay $16 about K300 every month and have access to everything.

Which pricing plan is better?

I have 4 courses totaling to $152 currently about K2880. This means that, if you were to pay in full for all courses, you would pay $152 at once. But with the membership, you only need to pay $16 about K300 and have access to all courses. So if you are paying K300 monthly, it would take about 9 to 10 months to pay the K2880 which is good.

But what if you learn everything in a month and stop paying? well, you lose access and you can’t get any help from me. Moreover, I am always updating my courses with new content almost every week. So if you stop paying, you would lose out.

Single Vs Full access

FeaturesSingle courseAll courses
AccessPermanent accessAccess only available if you don’t stop paying
HelpLimited helpHelp available if you don’t stop paying
Updatespermanent access to updatesavailable if you don’t stop paying
Physical meetupsat a feeat a discount
Online meetingslimitedat a fee
Premium videosno accessfree access
Premium toolsno accessfree access
Servicesat a feeavailable for free
Private secret groupno accessfree access

Rates to use

The USD/ZMW rates are everyday changing. To make things simpler, just use the converter below to know how much you are supposed to send or pay.


Physical and online meetings are now available

I really take time when it comes to planning and creating my courses. My courses have everything explained in detail step by step and you usually learn from anywhere and at any time and can come back to the course at any time. Therefore, physical and online meetings are not needed at all. But I understand, some of you might prefer to be guided in person especially if you are not tech wise or good with internet things.

From now on, I will be accepting requests for physical and online meetings. Remember that, to request for a meeting, you need to have access to the course first.

Below is my pricing. Remember, these meetings will be about guiding you and summarizing the entire course for you, therefore, this is why you need access to the course so that you can now learn everything in detail.



Since it would take 9 to 10 months to pay the full amount, what happens then? Do you continue paying or stop paying? Well, you don’t stop paying. Remember, technology is changing and improving, therefore, I am always creating new content. And I am also going to be creating new courses and providing new services, products and anything valuable to make the money you are paying worth it.

I love creating content and it is something that I enjoy doing. I have been creating content on YouTube for more than 5 years for free. So soon will leave YouTube since I don’t make money there and focus on creating content for my supporting friends.